26th September 2003 - Added banner to Links and Downloads page.

5th September 2003 - Finished spreading the redesign through the rest of the pages. The Press page will have more on it soon.

1st September 2003 - I've redesigned the site because frankly, the background was starting to get to me. This way looks nicer to me. Also a small renaming; there really was no point having a site called "unus ignis interior" when the url for the site is http://www.singthesorrow.tk and many of your visitors aren't fluent in latin. So, from now on, the site name will be "Sing the Sorrow". I'm just so original.

13th June 2003: Suddenly remembered that I should do something to this site. So. Um. I am considering it.

8th May 2003: I registered a domain for this site, should be operational in a few days - http://singthesorrow.tk

22nd April 2003: I've uploaded two new desktop backgrounds, which can be found here.

11th April 2003: I'm not very good at this updating thing am I? heh. Anyway... I'm going to be doing some classier desktop backgrounds so they should be availiable for download soon... I've been playing around with some graphics programs and I made pretty nice Marilyn Monroe one so... yeah. She's not AFI so she won't be on this site. But never fear, AFI backgrounds are coming! I also made some more livejournal icons so when I upload the backgrounds, I'll upload those too.

27th March 2003:
Yo. It's been a while since I did anything. heh I guess the initial enthusiasm didn't last that long. No matter I have like... a week or something to get it all complete....
Things I've done:
1)Added a desktop background to the downloads area, currently only in 800x600 but I can resize it if requested. Apologies for the poorness of the background, it's the only one I have to give away and I made it when I was bored yet didn't want to sleep.
2)Put pictures in the gallery. I'll fix the badness of the thumbnailing at another time.

10th March 2003: Changed tables to transparent, added some downloads (winamp skins, aim icons, lj icons).

9th March 2003: Uploaded incomplete site.